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Pro-Powered leverage!

For experienced or high-volume traders

on FX & Gold
Available across all our
Trading Accounts

Global Markets

FxPro Global Markets LTD

Retail Clients

Please read the below information regarding the maximum leverage offered to Retail Clients for the applicable FxPro Entity.

Financial Instruments

Max Leverage
Forex Majors
Forex Minors
Spot Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium)
Spot Base Metals (Aluminium, Copper, Lead & Zinc)
Spot Major Indices
Spot Minor Indices

Financial Instruments

Max Leverage
Futures Major Indices
Spot Energies
Futures Energies
Futures Commodities
All Shares

Dinamična poluga

FxPro uses a dynamic leverage model for the asset groups listed below on the FxPro, MT4, MT5 platforms which automatically adapts to the clients trading positions. As the volume per Instrument of a client increases, the maximum leverage offered decreases accordingly. Please click here for more dynamic leverage information.

Increased Margin Requirements

During periods of heightened market volatility, higher margin amounts are necessary to initiate new trades. This measure aims to minimize traders' exposure to price instability during significant economic events.

Therefore, new orders opened within 15 minutes before and 5 minutes after high-impact economic news releases are subject to these elevated margin requirements. Once this critical period ends, typically 5 minutes after the news release, the HMR (Higher Margin requirements) is lifted, and margin requirements are reevaluated based on the trading account's equity and leverage.

Trading instruments affected by weekend or public holiday trading breaks will observe increased margin requirements for new orders opened within 1 hour before the market closes and 1 hour after it reopens.

Higher Margin Requirements:

  • Forex: 1:250
  • Precious Metals (spot and future): 1:250
  • Indices (spot and future): 1:100
  • Energy (spot and future): 1:100

The duration of higher margin requirements may be extended based on risk management decisions.